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Click the following link - - to register your team for play this season. 

Final Regular Season Standings -

The standings after the regular season are as follows:

1. Nothing We Could Do

2. Subjugators

3. Power Touch

4. Young Guns

5. Justice League

6. Stingers

7. Volleyball Pun

8. GVC Staff

Your Play-off Schedule is as follows:

Wed March 8, 2017 - All Matches Best 2 of 3; Both teams help set-up and both teams help take down.

QF #1 -  (1) Nothing We Could Do vs (8)GVC Staff at 7 pm at NPC (Court 1)

QF #2 -  (4) Young Guns vs (5) Justice League at 7pm at NPC (Court 2)

QF #3 -  (3) Power Touch vs (6) Stingers at 7pm at GVC (Court 1)

QF #4 -  (7) Volleyball Pun vs (2) Subjugators at GVC (Court 2)

Winners of QF#1 vs Winners of QF#2 at 8pm at NPC (Court 1)

Winners of QF#3 vs Winners of QF#4 at 8pm at GVC (Court 1) ***NEW

Losers of QF#1 vs Losers of QF#2 at 8pm at NPC (Court 2) *** NEW

Losers of QF#3 vs Losers QF#4 at 8pm at GVC (Court 2)

Wed March 15, 2017 - All Matches Best 3 of 5; Both Teams help set-up and both teams help take down.

7:00PM at NPC - Justice League vs Stingers (7th Place)

7:00PM at NPC - GVC Staff vs Volleyball Pun (5th Place)

7:00PM at GVC - Young Guns vs Power Touch (3rd Place)

7:00PM at GVC - Subjugators vs Nothing We Could Do (1st Place)

On this site you will find the following information (as it becomes available):

  1. *League Schedules -  Coed Final Round.pdf

  2. *Basic League Rules

  3. *Contact Information

Have a great season of volleyball!!!!

Latest News:

Congratulations to all the teams on an excellent 2016-2017 season!  See you next year.


Champions - Subjugators

2nd Place- Nothing We Could Do

3rd Place  - Power Touch

(Pic posted Soon)